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HERO Keyboard

The world's most efficient keyboard.

HERO iPhone Keyboard

HERO Keyboard HERO Keyboard symbol mode and alternate themes.

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There are some good iPhone® keyboards out there, but they all share one problem: the inefficient QWERTY layout designed in 1873...for a typewriter! That's crazy. I wondered, can we do better?

What if the most-used keys were bigger and central where your thumb likes to be? What if common letter combos were adjacent, with circular paths like how your thumb really moves? HERO does all this, which saves you 3 feet every tweet! You can also drag across adjacent letters for faster entry, and enter common symbols on the main view. Be efficient. Get HERO!

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Diagram showing HERO vs QWERTY finger-typing paths with HERO reducing finger travel by 30%

"WOW! This is LOOOOOOOOOONG OVERDUE! The more you use it, the easier and faster it gets!"

"Who would've thought, a keyboard that makes sense to use with your thumbs."

"What a mobile keyboard should've been from the beginning!"


HERO Keyboard requires iPhone or iPad with iOS 8, and includes:

  • English-only for now (sorry!)
  • Portrait and landscape modes
  • Symbols, number keypad, and extended characters
  • Alternate black and white themes
  • Auto-suggest bar planned for future phase

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Press Kit (1.6 MB zip)

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Questions or suggestions?

Photo of founder Corey Stone.I'd love to hear from you! I'm Corey Stone, the HERO founder and a User Experience Designer, husband, and father of four in Lawrence, Kansas. After Industrial Design school at KU in 1997, my Ergonomics master's thesis at Iowa was an EMG study on physical keyboards, so I've had this idea brewing for quite awhile. Thanks for stopping by, and you can reach me at:


Is there an Android version?
Not yet, but we're working on it! Hopefully available in spring 2016. Join the email list to be notified when it's out.
What languages are supported?
Right now, only English. I'm hoping to add more languages in the fall, after more of the core functionality is finished. Join the email list to be notified when it's out.
Where's the Auto-complete / Prediction bar?
There isn't one yet (sorry!), but we're working on it for version 2.0. Unfortunately Apple doesn't allow third-party keyboards to use theirs, so we have to code our own, which is a bit tricky.
What's up with the swiping?
HERO lets you drag over letters to enter them (similar to Swype), which helps because many common letter combinations are adjacent. But unlike Swype, every letter you drag over in HERO will be entered. Version 2.0 should have full drag functionality.
Where do I send feedback?
Send any problems or ideas to me at If you like it, please leave a review on the App Store.

HERO Keyboard Privacy Policy

Apple displays a somewhat alarming message if you turn on "Full Access" for any third-party keyboard, but rest assured that HERO Keyboard does not collect, record, or monitor your keystrokes or personal information. If you're still worried, you can use HERO without Full Access, except you won't be able to switch from the default gray theme.