HERO Keyboard Press Kit

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Corey Stone
Lawrence, Kansas
Corey Stone, LLC

A revolutionary iPhone® keyboard

There are some good iPhone keyboards out there, but they all share one flaw: the inefficient QWERTY layout designed for typewriters in 1873. UX designer Corey Stone's thinks he's found a better way.

"In English, just nine letters are used 80% of the time," Stone says. "So why not put them in the middle where your thumb likes to be, arranged in a circle like how your thumbs actually move?"

The result? Stone's patented HERO Keyboard reduces finger travel by about 30%, or "3 feet per Tweet!"

To fit people's fingers, the most-used keys are about 35% bigger. If you're on an iPhone 6/7 or Plus, you can tilt the device to move the keyboard right or left for easier one-thumb typing.

The common symbols are on the main view to reduce view-switching, but when you do need to switch screens, you 3D force-touch (or long-press) the center Bolt button for quick access to numbers, recent emojis and symbols, and cursor control.

HERO's letter and "Bolt" views are free, while subscribing for $0.99/month gives you access to the full emoji, symbol, and dialpad digit views, plus access to all themes and new ones every month.

About the Founder

Founder Corey Stone is a father of four and a full-time User Experience Designer with 20 years of experience spanning startups to major companies in various industries from software, higher education, testing, health care, and engineering. His educational background is in Industrial Design and Ergonomics, with a master's thesis measuring EMG activity of the forearm muscles while using different physical keyboards.

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