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Your secrets are safe with HERO! Our Privacy Policy is very simple: HERO Keyboard does not record, store, or send any of your keystrokes or data. And unlike many 3rd-party keyboards, it does not require you to grant it "Full Access." Related: Terms of Use.

Where's the Android version?

There's no Android version - yet - mainly because of how much it will cost to get it built. (I designed HERO, but I'm not a programmer so I hire contractors to build it.) My hope is that HERO 2.0 for iOS will be successful enough to fund Android development. So please spread the word about HERO to help make that happen, and join the HERO User Group for Android updates and to provide input on future development.

Why does it keep switching back to the system keyboard?

Yeah, this one's annoying. To quote my 7-year-old, "It's not my fault!" Unfortunately, this happens to all third-party keyboards, and it seems to be due to iOS's implementation. And note that for security reasons, Apple allows only the system keyboard for Password entry fields.

So what can you do? The sure-fire fix is to go whole-hog and disable the other keyboards (you can always re-anable them). You disable them in iOS Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Edit, then tap the red "Minus" icon to remove the other keyboards.

The keyboard disappeared - WTF?

This also seems to be a system bug that sometimes happens in any keyboard. It's annoying, but the fix is pretty simple: just close the app (by double-pressing the device's Home button, then swiping up on the app), then reopen the app.

Why doesn't HERO work quite right in my ________ app?

Similar to above, this is usually a problem with the operating system and how the app pulls in the keyboard. However, I'd like to know about the issue in case we can improve it, so please email a screenshot of the messed up keyboard view to me at corey@herokeyboard.com.

Why does the Bolt view sometimes disappear when I lift my finger off it?

That happens if you slide your finger ever so slightly before you release it. It's currently too sensitive (sorry!) and it's not an easy fix, so I plan to fix it when I add swipe typing. However, I have a good workaround: after you press-hold or 3D touch the bolt to open the Bolt view, drag your finger to what you want to enter in the Bolt view. Works every time! :)

Auto-Suggest and Auto-Correct

I'm always tweaking the auto-suggest and auto-correct word lists, so if you notice anything wrong or missing, please let me know at the HERO User Group or corey@herokeyboard.com.

Have another question?

No problem - just post it on the HERO User Group, or email me at corey@herokeyboard.com.